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How to create a logo for your brand
Almost everywhere you turn, you can find a logo: walking down a street, working in an office, going to the shops, or learning in a classroom; a logo is hard to miss. But how important is one exactly? What are the different types of logos? Is its design important or is it really the message behind the logo that makes it successful?

Planned decisions can boost the growth of your business.
The viability and consistent profitability of a startup is heavily dependent on judicious accounting of it’s funds.Here are some useful tips to help you keep those finances in check.

The 5 Key Stages Of Influencer Relationships
As influencer marketing grows, the steps of the practice are often skimmed over by marketers pressured to show results and prove ROI. But from research, to discovery, to relationship management, to measurement, influencer marketing is a long journey that should not be compromised. Influencer marketing is a process that when followed can yield incredible results – like 6x ROI from your content + influence strategy.